Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

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Achieve culinary perfection with our innovative Digital Probe Meat Thermometer. Designed to take the guesswork out of cooking, this wireless thermometer ensures...

Achieve culinary perfection with our innovative Digital Probe Meat Thermometer. Designed to take the guesswork out of cooking, this wireless thermometer ensures your food is cooked to perfection every time, whether you're grilling, baking, or barbecuing.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay in control of your cooking from a distance with our wireless thermometer. Simply connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and you can monitor the cooking progress without constantly checking on the food.

  2. Precise Temperature Reading: This meat thermometer delivers accurate temperature readings within seconds, allowing you to know precisely when your food is cooked to the desired doneness.

  3. Versatile Probe Design: The stainless steel probe is designed to withstand high temperatures and can be inserted into various types of meat or dishes. It's also perfect for monitoring the internal temperature of oven-baked goods.

  4. Pre-programmed Temperature Settings: Take advantage of pre-programmed temperature settings for various types of meat and doneness levels. Whether you prefer rare, medium, or well-done, this thermometer has you covered.

  5. Customizable Alerts: Set your desired target temperature and receive notifications on your smartphone when your food reaches the perfect temperature. No more overcooking or undercooking - enjoy consistently delicious results.

  6. Easy-to-Use App: Our user-friendly app makes cooking stress-free and enjoyable. It offers intuitive controls and real-time temperature graphs for a seamless cooking experience.

  7. Ideal for BBQs and More: Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ, preparing a holiday feast, or simply cooking a weeknight dinner, this meat thermometer is your reliable cooking companion for delectable results.

Enhance your culinary skills and enjoy perfectly cooked delights with our "Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Probe." Embrace the convenience of wireless cooking and achieve chef-worthy results without any hassle. Take your cooking to the next level - Order yours now and savor every moment in the kitchen!





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Functional characteristics

■ Stainless steel pipe structure, which can detect food temperature and furnace temperature at the same time

■ Recipe/Time/target temperature: three barbecue mode

■ APP can set 9 types of food and level 4 maturity level

■ Can be inserted into 4 Bluetooth barbecue probes and work in parallel in parallel

■ Fast charging in 5 minutes, 4 hours battery life

■ Support Bluetooth BLE4.0 and mobile phone communication

■ Compatible Android 8.0 and iOS operating system


technical parameter

● Food temperature schedule: 0 ~ 100 ℃

● Furnace temperature measurement range: 0 ~ 300 ℃

● Bluetooth communication distance: ≥10m

● Waterproof level: IP67

● Measurement and transmission cycle: 4S

● Product size: D6XL129mm


Application field

◆ Barbecue food, high temperature oven, barbecue stove, barbecue, BBQ


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Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

$80.83 $92.18